Road Safety Manual
A manual for practitioners and decision makers
on implementing safe system infrastructure!

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How to use the manual

This manual is intended to provide clear and accessible information on the effective management of road safety infrastructure. Given the very wide audience, different parts of this manual will be of greater use and interest to different readers.

Each chapter starts with a summary of key messages. This provides useful background for those concerned with strategic issues, as well as those with a more practical focus. Practical examples are also provided to illustrate the concepts discussed.

In Parts 2 and 3, there is also summary information on how to get started, what can (and should) be done to make progress; and what the best performers should be aiming towards (consolidating activity).

There are also practical case studies throughout each chapter to illustrate key points. Although these case studies provide examples from countries at all levels of development, there is a particular focus on LMICs, and how road safety professionals working in such environments are addressing safety issues. As an extra aid to those working in LMICs, most chapters include a brief description at the end of the introduction section on the initial steps that should be undertaken to make a start.

Each chapter provides enough information for road safety practitioners to implement safe outcomes, referring to easily accessible documents or websites for further information where this is required.

The manual has been written so that users can start in any part or at any chapter. However, to get an overall picture it is recommended that readers at least read the key messages for other chapters. Each chapter can be read in a stand-alone manner, and there are considerable cross-linkages between chapters. In some cases this means that text has been repeated, although this repetition has been kept to a minimum.

The manual is available on the internet, and sections can be downloaded via pdf. The web version provides direct linkages to other resources through hyperlinks.

This manual is a ‘living’ document, and it is intended that it will be continually updated as new methods evolve and information is provided. PIARC would appreciate the feedback of users of this manual to help improve the content. If you have any suggestions for improvements to this manual, please contact us.

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