Road Safety Manual
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on implementing safe system infrastructure!

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10. Assessing Potential Risks and Identifying Issues

Key messages

  • Assessment of risk should be undertaken for the entire road network for which the road agency is responsible. In many countries, a small percentage of roads account for a large percentage of deaths and serious injuries. At programme level, the task is to identify such routes and address these as a priority.
  • There are established approaches for identifying high risk crash locations – but training of key staff is required.
  • Assessment of crash data should be undertaken to identify high risk locations (where data is available). Good quality crash data is required to identify crash-based locations.
  • Proactive approaches should also be adopted – especially for major road corridors – including impact assessment, road safety audit, safety inspection, and road assessment programmes.
  • Where crash data is not available, these proactive approaches must be adopted while collection of crash data commences.
  • Proactive approaches should be used in combination with crash data where this is available. This combination of approaches provides a full assessment of road safety risk.


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