Road Safety Manual
A manual for practitioners and decision makers
on implementing safe system infrastructure!

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Credits & acknowledgements

This second edition of the Road Safety Manual is the outcome of a project undertaken by the World Road Association (PIARC) as a contribution to the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety, to help all countries building capacity for managing road safety.

This project, launched in 2012, was undertaken under the editorial responsibility of a Task Force led by Michael Griffith, Director, Office of Safety Technologies, Federal Highway Administration, USA.

Management of the project and of the web development in particular were carried out under the responsibility of Jean-François Corté, Secretary General of the World Road Association.

Development of the conceptual framework of the Manual and drafting of the chapters was performed by a group of experts under the responsibility of the ARRB Group (Australia) selected after an international call for proposals. For this project, Blair Turner was the principal investigator and coordinator of the work.

This second edition of the Road Safety Manual has been made possible thanks to the contributions of the following individuals.

PIARC Task Force members

  • Tawai Addo-Ashong, World Bank;
  • Matts-Ake Belin, Sweden;
  • Girma Bezabeh, African Development Bank;
  • Randall Cable, South Africa;
  • Obio Chinyere, Zimbabwe;
  • Veronique Feypell, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development;
  • Mike Greenhalgh, England;
  • Michael Griffith, Task Force chair, United States of America;
  • Jamilah Mohd. Marjan, Malaysia;
  • George Mavroyeni, Australia;
  • Alberto Mendoza, Mexico;
  • Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah, Malaysia;
  • Margie Peden, World Health Organization;
  • Hans-Joachim Vollpracht, Germany.

ARRB Group

  • Blair Turner, principal author;
  • Jeanne Breen, major author;
  • Eric Howard, major author;
  • Michael Tziotis (ARRB Group) and Tony Bliss for contributions to text and assistance in reviewing this document.
  • Rita Excel, Kate Pratt and Tariro Makwasha (ARRB Group) for contributions to text. Professor Mazharul Hoque, Greg Speier, and Jan Coetzee for their roles as regional advisors for Asia, Latin America and Africa (respectively).
  • All those who provided case study material, particularly Rob McInerney and Greg Smith.

Editorial Review Panel

  • Laurent Carnis, France;
  • Tang Chengcheng, China;
  • Jean-François Corté, PIARC General Secretariat;
  • Jose Gomez, Paraguay;
  • Racheal Nganwa, iRAP.

User Group

Members of PIARC Technical Committees 3.1 and 3.2 with a special mention of Daniel Aubin, Sybille Birth, Lorenzo Domenichini, and Brendan Marsh.

Design and development of the web-site

The contract was awarded to the French company Mayflower under the management of the PIARC General Secretariat which also populated the web-pages.

This part of the project was led at the General Secretariat by Alain Charles with the assistance of Athip Phaychith and Agathe Barbieri.

Overall support to the project

Overall support to the project should also be acknowledged from the following individuals:

  • Kelly Larosa, Jeff Paniati, Ian Saunders and Agnes Velez from the Federal Highway Administration, USA;
  • Roy Brannen with assistance of Justin Ward, as PIARC Strategic Theme Coordinator on Safety;
  • Lina Sofia Engström, Nina Knutsen, Mozelle Morrison, Claire Murdoch, Technical Advisors at the PIARC General Secretariat.